Southern Hotel

Southern Hotel in Perris, California was built in 1886. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. It is located at 445 S. D Street in the center of the city. Along with the Perris Depot, this is one of the two significant 19th century buildings still standing in the city

Southern Hotel is the oldest surviving commercial building in Perris, built by Swiss immigrant couple, Bernardo and Marcellina Bernasconi. Bernardo Bernasconi was a rancher, and the family had six children. It was used as a hotel serving the San Jacinto – Perris stage line until approximately 1919, when it was converted into Bernasconi family residence. Matilda Bernasconi, the oldest child of the original builders, lived in the building until her death, after which the structure fell into a state of disrepair. In 1987, there were two arson fires, and the building was close to being demolished. In 1990, it was bought by the Motte brothers, restored, and converted into a museum (Motte Historical Museum).

Before 1885, the area was known as Pinacate, now in the southern part of the city of Perris. Perris received a railway station in 1886 and soon after the Southern Hotel became one of the first buildings in the area.

The hotel is a Victorian Era style building, two-storey wooden and rectangular. It bears a number of Italianate features and decorative elements. Proviously, the building was adjecent to other commercial structures, but currently it stands alone.

The front of the building faces west (S. D Street) and is made in horisontal sidings. It features a door, two windows with decorative crowns, and an open wooden porch with four support posts.

Southern Hotel in Perris, California

California Hotel Nevada

The California Hotel and Casino, also known as The Cal opened in 1975 at a cost of $10 million with a hotel and casino located in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada near the Fremont Street Experience. When it opened it had 325 rooms which has since been expanded to 781.

The California has been owned by Boyd Gaming since it was built by Sam Boyd.

After facing slow business initially, Boyd soon began focusing on the Hawaiian market, offering Hawaiian food and encouraging a more casual atmosphere.He introduced vacation packages from the islands, with charter airfares as low as $9.90. An estimated 80 to 90 percent of visitors to Las Vegas from Hawaii stay at a Boyd property. Boyd’s Hawaiian marketing, which extended to the Fremont and Main Street Station with their later acquisitions, is credited with helping to build a large Hawaiian community in Las Vegas, which is sometimes called “the ninth island”.

In 1994 an additional tower was added and the remainder of the hotel was remodeled.The property is connected to Main Street Station by an enclosed walkway.